Smith Sweeps Both Series Again!

Tournament Tails // November 9, 2011

Mo Smith from Cordova, TN has now extended his Series record to an unprecedented FIVE in a row by winning the 2011 Redbone Trilogy. A come-from-behind victory at S.L.A.M. and two last minute conversions to place at Baybone and Redbone created back-to-back-to back dramatic finishes.

At S.L.A.M. in Key West, even after catching 3 bonefish, 2 tarpon and a permit, Smith was behind leader Ross Reeder and Capt. Dave Denkert by 7 fish on Day One. Reeder added several more fish on Day Two, but Smith double slammed plus 2 additional tarpon to equal the score on fish points and win on time by just one hour!

Baybone was hampered by a very rainy low pressure system. Mo caught a permit with less than one hour remaining in the tournament, to go with his 3 bones. He specied out and snuck into third place.

Redbone was dominated by the Denkert/Davis/Reeder team, who did fish one of their two days in a Mirage 17. Davis landed 2 bonefish and 18 reds and Reeder caught 17 reds and one bonefish for a rare First and Second Place finish on the same boat. Smith caught a bonefish with 50 minutes remaining in the event to go with his 14 reds taken on Day One to grab another Third Place and his FIFTH Series title in 5 straight years! Smith now shares the Series record with Jim Bokor, also with 5 trilogy titles.

The same horrid system that doused Baybone washed out anglers at Baybone’s Superfly and no fish were caught. The Superfly Series was decided in two tournaments.

Capt. Justin Rea poled Cal Collier Jr. to a slam and win at S.L.A.M. Superfly to out specie Smith’s 2 bonefish and 3 permit Second Place performance. But it was all Smith at Redbone Superfly, nailing 4 reds in the morning and then dropping his fly into a massive cloud of three or four hundred mudding and flashing bonefish and pulling one out for the camera at 2:58p.m., official lines out at 3:00p.m.! Bob Rich, guided by Capt. Rusty Albury, took second with 2 reds and a bonefish. This Redbone Superfly win iced the 2011 Superfly Series for Smith. He has now taken this Series 5 out of the last 6 years.

Editor’s Note: Capt. Mark Krowka now has 6 Superfly Series titles with two anglers, Frank Delucas in ’02 and Smith in ’06,’07, ’08, ’10 & ’11. He also has nine regular Series victories with 4 anglers, Scott Deal ’97 & ’98, Dan Zicari in 2000, Kal Blumberg in ’04 and Mo Smith in ’07,’08,’09, ’10 & ’11. Both are Redbone Tournament records.