Maverick. Over 30 years of pursuing perfection.

Over 30 years ago a boat was born and bred on the tidal flats of the Florida Keys. That boat was the original 18 Maverick and it was to become one of the most important milestones in the evolution of light tackle angling. These early Mavericks literally defined a new way to fish for extremely wary shallow-water quarry like bonefish, permit and tarpon.

In 1984, Scott and Troy Deal, two brothers who were devoted light tackle fisherman, decided to turn their fishing passion into a fulltime commitment to build the best shallow water skiff on the planet. Not far out of college, the two brothers acquired the legendary Maverick hull and deck tooling and launched Maverick Boat Company (MBC) and would forever change the sport of shallow water fishing in saltwater.

As the sport of shallow-water fishing grew beyond a handful of determined anglers and guides, the Maverick name became synonymous with leadership in innovation, uncompromised quality, and bulletproof performance. Today, Maverick is the hands down choice of the world’s most discriminating shallow-water anglers and guides. That’s because there is no other type of fishing where your boat will play a bigger role.

Built to NMMA/ABYC standards — the industry’s benchmark for quality and safety — today’s Mavericks are designed to take anglers into unpredictable conditions with comfort and confidence and perform in shallow-water fishing areas that tolerate few mistakes.

All Mavericks share the same characteristics… speed, strength and lightness. But each has its own appeal and special qualities. Today Maverick offers three highly specialized technical poling skiffs. Each has been specifically designed to focus on a particular fishing application. All share the same refined design process, the highest level of technology and materials and the pure joy of serious anglers building boats for other serious anglers.