Welcome to the Maverick crew.

Maverick owners are very unique people.

To start with, they are typically dedicated outdoor enthusiasts who crave to be on the water whenever possible. Most are hard-core anglers who spend their time pursuing very wary game fish like bonefish, tarpon, permit, snook or redfish. Much of this technical fishing is sight fishing in super unforgiving places. Others plan the entire year around competitive fishing events with their Mavericks. Most will spend hours talking about their boats whenever they get together, like the annual Maverick Owners’ Tournament.

What Maverick owners really have in common is unflappable confidence in their boats. Is it because Mavericks have won almost every prestigious Florida Keys shallow water tournament (almost 20) in the last two years alone? Or is it because of the stunning number of technological firsts Maverick has delivered? (more than all of the leading competitors combined) Probably a little of both.

Maverick owners tend to run their boats early and hard on the way to their spots. They return each day with a level of confidence andenjoyment seldom found in any product.

Considering a skiff purchase without wet testing one of the four Maverick models available today …. is a serious mistake. At Maverick we welcome new owners with the same genuine enthusiasm we had when we sold our first boat. Tight lines, we will see you out there!